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Biz Fix It Pro is a Four Month Program



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We work hard to ensure that our services advance the goals of your business.

Take Steps to Fix Business Issues

We have assisted thousands of business owners since 2019. Rely on us to help you achieve more.


Our services for business owners achieve targeted results.



Review business status. Determine what may be keeping your business from optimization. 


Develop an effective strategy that can be followed. Generate objectives, target dates, and tools.


Build a stronger business through a four-month period of focus. Solve key issues each month. 


Excel in business through better operations, clearer understanding of your business model.

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Fix Financing Issues

Have you experienced difficulties in adding the right financing tools for your business? You are not alone. Over 50% of small business owners do not have access to the property amount of financing. Likewise, many do not start their businesses with enough money to effectively finance growth.


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These issues cause a small business to struggle during important periods of growth. Working capital runs out. Many are forced to accept expensive financing alternatives. Ultimately, they spend part or all of their net profits on financing growth.

There is a better way. Let us help you prepare for financing.

Fix Bookkeeping Issues

There are very few areas of business operations that deliver chaos. Poor bookkeeping causes so much harm to a business. Extra fees, penalties, missed invoices, late charges, employee theft, and unknown financial ratios. These can put you out of business pretty fast.


    • Late business filings = penalties + interest charges
    • Unknown Financial Ratios = Poor Planning + Forecasting
    • Unreconciled Statements = Receipt for Theft + Fraud
    • Late Payments = Poor Business Credit Scores


The above areas are operational issues. A business owners needs to spend time on bookkeeping, accounting, and business tax planning. These are key areas for the health and wellness of any business. 


Let us help you tackle these areas and add resources to make these areas more efficient. Call us at (857) 526-0400.